Call us at: 541-573-7036

Monetary Donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent in different ways. Please remember to provide your address so we can thank you for your generosity. 

~ Mail your donation to Kids Club of Harney County, PO Box 1035, Burns, OR 97720.
~ Leave a gift in your will for the Kids Club of Harney County.
~ Name the Kids Club of Harney County as the beneficiary of your pension plan, IRA, or insurance policy.
~ Ask your financial adviser to include charitable giving to the Kids Clubs of Harney County as part of counsel to clients.

We are a non-profit organization and rely on volunteer staff to help with all phases of running the Kids Club of Harney County. We value our volunteers as being part of the team, a team that is responsible for the success of our organization. We need all levels of energy to run our programs, maintain our buildings, and attract funding while fulfilling the needs of the kids and community. We truly appreciate your interest in volunteering at the Kids Club of Harney County.

How to Volunteer

There are many different opportunities you can volunteer for, including but not limited to; Kitchen Assistant, Reading Specialist, Deep Cleaning and Organization Assistant, Landscaper, Theatrics Coordinator, Project Assistant, and Outdoor Activities Coordinator. 

We ask that you complete a background check before volunteering. The level of commitment is up to you. If you are interested in volunteering but don't have a lot of time, come talk to us. Lets see what we can work out.

We also encourage community members to come down and share their occupation and life experiences with the youth. Examples of this are; talk about your career as a surgical tech or what it was like being raised on a ranch. What's it like serving on the Burns or Hines City Council or working for The National Wildlife Refuge.  

Wish List 

We always welcome donations of equipment and supplies. Here are some items we use a lot of or are in need of:

~ Art Supplies - Drawing paper, Origami paper, easels, glue, poster board, fabric, all kinds of tape, color crayons, pens, etc.
~ Athletic Supplies - footballs, baseball batting tee, mitts, water cooler, basketballs, etc.  
~ Office Supplies - Copy paper, pens, pencils, Post It Notes/ Writing Pads, print cartridges, photo paper, photo printer, sheet protectors, tape (all kinds), etc.
~ Miscellaneous - Field trip expenditures, first aid kits, incentive prizes (i.e., tickets, coupons, toys, etc.), DVDs (G, PG), an electric keyboard (for music lessons), etc.