267 S. Egan Burns, OR 97720   541-573-7036

Educational and Fun!

How to enroll/get on the waiting List: Fill out youth membership form.
Who can enroll: Youth ages K - 5th grade.
Time: After school 3:20 - 5:30 pm & on Friday's 11 am - 5:30 pm.
          Summer hours M thru F: 11 am - 5:30 pm.
Where: Kids Club 267 S Egan Ave, Burns, Oregon 97720
Program contact: Kelsi Palmer 541-573-7036

Staffed by:

     Randi Johnson -- Programs Lead
     Julia Clark
     Sam Moores
     Kelley Presley
     Kelsi Palmer
     Michelle Friedrichsen 
     Homework Heroes

This is a free after school program provided to any students at Slater Elementary School who needs additional help with their homework. Staffed by certified teachers, Peggy Armstrong and Jane Jones, as well as Kelsi Palmer, Michelle Friedrichsen.

How to enroll/get on the waiting List: Forms available at Slater Grade           School office. Must be referred by a parent or a teacher.
Who can enroll: Youth ages 3rd - 5th grade. LIMITED SPACE
Time: After school Tuesday and Wednesdays 3:15 - 4:15 pm.
Where: Slater Grade School Cafeteria
Required paperwork: Transportation slip.
Program contact: Kelsi Palmer 541-573-7036
     Friday Academy

This popular free program offered at Hines Middle School, works closely with the Kids In the Middle program to help youth reconnect and reengage with school, build self-esteem and confidence, lower dropout rates and behavioral referrals, and provide a mentor to talk with. Staffed by Program Coordinator Wendy D'Angelo,and certified teachers McKenzie Hughes and Kylee Jensen, and assisted by Kelsi Palmer. These programs are Free for students in 6th - 8th grades as needed.

How to enroll/get on the waiting List: Forms available at Hines Middle           School office. Must be referred by a teacher or parent.
Who can enroll: Youth ages 6th - 8th grade who are failing one or more         core classes. LIMTED SPACE
Time: Almost every Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Where: Hines Middle School Cafeteria
Program contact: Wendy D'Angelo - Hines Middle School Office

     Summer Art Camp

Kids Club recently partnered with Harney ESD to continue to offer the ever popular summer Art Camp to kids Kindergarten through eighth grades, using the format originally created by Maddye Dinsmore as a senior project. Art Camp is staffed by teachers, artists, and volunteers and seek to engage youth in art by introducing new mediums This year's campers were given the opportunity to display their creations in the Harney County Library.
     Science Academy

This is an exciting new program we hope to offer yearly at the Kids Club. It"s designed to provide to provide hands-on STEAM learning, spark and cultivate youth interest in science, and expose students to science careers. The initial Academy was open to 4th - 8th grade students, with plans to expand to others grades in the future. Another Academy is planned for 2018.
   Running Club

This volunteer run program is open to K - 5th grades and is a very popular addition to the Kids Club.Twice a week, kids go on runs with volunteers and keep track of their miles.
     Kids in the Middle

This school year program works in conjunction with Friday Academy and  is designed to help youth re-engage with school, build self-esteem and confidence, and provide a mentor to talk with. This program also seeks to engage student families in their child’s education and provide them stress-free opportunities to interact with Middle School staff. Free for students in 6th-9th grades as needed. 

     Out of School Enrichment

This program takes place after school, on Fridays, and week days all summer. We provide snacks, art projects, homework help, reading time, games, outdoor play, exercise, nutrition activities, science time, pool time, water days, Culinary Awareness through Culinary Arts, bully prevention, sewing lessons, and lunch on full days.  
Out Of School Enrichment
Kids In The Middle
Homework Heroes
Friday Academy
Summer Art Camp
Science Academy
Running Club